Handmade wine to soothe the soul and warm the heart


O'Donohoe's farm is a polyculture of trees, vines, plants and animals in a corner of outback Austrlia. Certified as a level A organic since 1990, Michael O'Donohoe has respected all that is natural.


No GM's, no tillage, no pesticides, no chemical fertilisers. Phillip White describes the farm as an "environmental triumph". Very little water is used to keep crops to one or two tonnes per acre.

The complex wild yeasts on the grape berries are allowed to develop because of a no spray regime, and these are the yeasts used in the fermentation of the wine to reflect a true terroir of Outback Australia.


Very impotantly, grapes are handpicked, for the best selection of grapes and protection of the ecosystem. O'Donohoe's farm is part of the UNESCO Riverland Biosphere Reserve and our farming methods are directed to the management goals of the reserve